A Sweet and Baroque Path

The unique opportunity to discover Modica and its secrets, curiosities, traditions and the famous Azteco chocolate

A path in the heart of Modica to discover the secrets and curiosities of the city from the different cultural influences, from the fortified city to the most important county of Sicily, a discovery walk of the hidden garden, the ethno-anthropological museum and the aztec chocolate, under the watchful eye of the 2 cathedrals, St. George and St. Peter representing the maximum expression of architectural currents culminated with the Baroque style

In the splendid setting of Modica chocolate tasting unique in the world, a wealth of gestures and knowledge that has been handed down thanks to the genius of the master chocolatiers. Modica chocolate introduced by the Spaniards who in turn would have adopted it from the Aztecs, spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, ginger or chilli pepper, or with lemon or orange peel.


  • Activity: Trekking sightseeing and Tasting Wine&Food
  • Where: Modica
  • During: 5 hours
  • Level: Family
  • Tourist Guide: IT | EN

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