The secrets of Etna

Magnificent places, such as "La Valle del Bove", an ancient caldera on the eastern side of Etna, the scene of recent volcanic eruptions, inside the protected area of the Etna Park. 

Etna is the highest European volcano, with its 3,330 m. s.l.m. it is the highest peak in Sicily. The volcanic massif, of big dimensions, occupies a large part of the Province of Catania, is part of the world heritage of humanity protected by UNESCO.

 The regular mountain eruptions, sometimes dramatic, have made it a subject of great interest for Greek and Roman mythology and popular beliefs that have tried to explain the behavior of the volcano through the various gods and giants of Roman and Greek legends.

One of the few active volcanoes in the world to be easily accessible. The trekking or jeep routes allow the discovery of lava flowing caves, enter the lava tunnels to discover its formation and composition, see one of the 300 extinct crater Etnei, the lava flows of the last great eruption of 2003, the Alcantara Gorges, formed thousands of years ago, the small Sicilian suburbs on the north side of Etna.

    • Activity: Trekking/Jeep sightseeing and Tasting Wine&Food
    • Where: Catania
    • During: 8 hours
    • Level: Sports e Family
    • Tourist Guide: IT | EN

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